Sunburst for business

Sunburst is more than just another web design company. Specialising in websites for smaller businesses, we understand that you may not have the capacity to employ an internet expert – which is where we come in. We provide full website management and expertise not just in the creation of your website, but throughout its life. Meaning you can get a great website for your business without the hassle.

We provide honest and straightforward support from the very earliest planning stage, right the way through the design and build, and onto the day to day running of your website. We take the time to understand your needs and what you can get from your site. We also understand the continuing commitment required to keep a website looking good and performing well throughout it's lifespan.

Select from the options below to find out more about how Sunburst can take the toil away from running your website.

Want to know more?

 Give us a ring on 01522 789348 to discuss how we can help you and to arrange a visit to your school

Or if you prefer email us and we'll contact you.

How we work

Creating your website

We take the time to get to know your business so we can properly advise you on the right web presence for your organisation.

We help with not only the look of your site, but also with what information should be included, how it is organised and how it is presented.

We can even help you to choose the right domain name (web address).

In short, we provide the web expertise you need to get a website that really works for your organisation.

All our websites are individually designed and we build all your pages – giving us the chance to check your content as we go. If we think something should be changed , then we will tell you.

Looking after your website

Once a website is launched, too many businesses (large and small) think the work is over. We know that to keep your website looking good, staying relevant and so continuing to be a useful tool requires ongoing work. So we continue to manage your website throughout it's lifespan, including:

  • Updating pages as required
  • Modifying content and adding new pages
  • Checking for out of date information
  • Checking for broken links If we spot a problem or come up with an idea to improve your website, we’ll let you know..

And as your business grows, we can develop your website alongside it.


 Because every organisation is different, we don’t have a standard price for our websites.

However prices for a brand new site start from £350, including 1 years hosting, email addresses and maintenance – please call on 01522 789348 to discuss your requirements so we can give you an individual quotation.

Content Management Systems

A lot of web design companies that target small businesses use some form of Content Management System (CMS). These are online systems that let users update a website’s content, without having to touch the underlying coding of the website.

Although this sounds appealing they have a number of problems:

Overall we feel that the extra time and effort they require and the lack of flexibility outweigh the benefits of being able to update the content yourself. By having a third party check your content as we put it on, you also have more chance of spotting mistakes before they go live.