Sunburst for Schools

Having a well maintained, up-to-date website has never been more important. But for many schools finding the time and expertise within their staff is a real struggle.

Sunburst is different from other school website companies. As well as designing and hosting your website, we look after it too.

  • We make sure your site has the right things on it and help to keep it looking good;
  • We add new content and remove and modify information as it becomes out-of-date;
  • We monitor your site to ensure links work and documents are still current.

By specialising on school websites and using an education specialist we know what your site should be doing for your school, including:

  • Attracting new pupils
  • Supporting learning
  • Helping Home-School links
  • Building Community Cohesion
  • Reducing enquiries to your of course Ofsted.

Want to know more?

 Give us a ring on 01522 789348 to discuss how we can help you and to arrange a visit to your school

Or if you prefer email us and we'll contact you.

School Federation?

Whether you are a hard or soft Federation, speak to us about a special package for all the schools in your Federation.

  • individual sites for each school
  • individual look, but common feel across the Federation
  • optional Federation site to reinforce Federation identity

Call 01522 789348 to see how we can help

How we work

Creating your website

 Every school is different. So when we are asked to build a new website we come to look at your school to see what makes it special. Rather than just select from a set of standard template we try to produce a site that reflects your school.

We also help to plan what will go onto your website and how it will fit together - not just the standard items every school site has but the other things too: your community links, special projects your unique history...

We then build all the pages and even write some of content.

Looking after your website

We know that many schools don't have the time or expertise necessary to look after their website how they would like. That's why after building your website we continue to maintain and develop it.

Our schools simply email or Dropbox newsletters, photos, videos and reports to us to format and add them to their website. If they want to add something new to the website we can advise the best way to present it on their site.

There are no limits to the number of updates a school can make to their site each year.

So how much will this cost?

 Hopefully not as much as you think.

For a typical Primary School a new, website would cost just £900, which includes 12 months hosting and maintenance of the site.

Content Management Systems

Most school website providers leave schools to produce and update their websites through an online Content Management System (CMS). This leaves the school staff to create new pages and update existing ones. The CMS are not always simple to use and maintaining the website can be a significant time commitment.

Whilst we can supply websites to schools in this way we find that most much prefer to leave us to produce and update their websites for them.


Your website is seen as a key part of how you communicate with parents and other interested parties. Ofsted have an evolving list of what they expect to see and what they would like to see on a website.

In addition Inspection teams will use your site to get a feel for your school before they arrive on your doorstep.

Sunburst can help you to not only meet your statutory obligations, but also create a site that shows off the best of your school and ensure you make a good first impression.